American International Language Academy

The American International Language Academy (AILA) is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Hsinchu City is sandwiched between the mountains and the ocean and enjoys subtropical weather. Our school is located in the city center and is a short 40 mile bus, train, or taxi ride away from Taipei, the nation’s capital. We do not try to compete with the high profile mass marketing of the many franchise schools as we have found our niche amongst parents wanting a more individualized approach to education. Our students come to us through word of mouth. We feel that pupils come to the school through our reputation, not by advertising promises.

AILA, also known as the A1 Language School, was founded in 1993 by the current directors Teacher Bob and Teacher Sharen. They aim to provide a professional and supportive teaching environment and do their best to provide teachers with a positive experience during their stay in Taiwan. Their vision is to create a positive learning environment and to enhance our students’ knowledge of the English language.


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